McCain’s Dancing Queen, A Lower Manhattan ‘Security Zone’

John McCain’s favorite song is Dancing Queen? And he admits it? [Blender via Political Wire]

Republican Representative Jim Leach of Iowa is endorsing Barack Obama and indicates more Republican support. [The Page]

Choire thinks the most amazing thing about those (amazing) leaked Clinton emails obtained by Josh Green is that they leaked at all. [Radar]

A friend of Rielle Hunter tells CBS that John Edwards isn’t being totally forthcoming about their relationship; according to her, he is the father of the child, and the affair started back in 2006. [The Swamp]

A plan for the area around the World Trade Center would establish a "security zone," with only certain vehicles allowed to enter. [Curbed]

Despite recent troubles, Congressional candidate Jon Powers has moved int the top 10 on, and is organizing for him. [The Albany Project] McCain’s Dancing Queen, A Lower Manhattan ‘Security Zone’