Monday, August 18

If you’ve spent this hot smelly stew of a New York summer with a bottle of Purell in one hand and a bottle of Zoloft in the other, the aforementioned Fringe Festival’s For Reasons Unknown might be for you! Written by two former concierges at the Mercer Hotel—whose intellect apparently survived their proximity to the international jet set—it’s billed as being about “paranoia, civic responsibility, and poo.” Explained writer-actor Andi Teran: “It’s about Bradley, who lives by himself and is an office drone. He comes home one day, his door is locked, his windows are locked, but there’s a massive poop on his couch.” (We hate when that happens!) “His best friend Julie comes over and together they figure out who committed this dastardly deed.” Who said American theater is in the toilet? “Andi and I have both had bedbugs,” shared Ms. Teran’s writing partner, Jeff Long, “and if that is the worst, poo on the couch would be the next closest. Both of us had bedbugs at the same time. It was the most trying time of our relationship.’” Ms. Teran: “We basically had been itching, and having weird marks on our bodies for weeks and weeks and not thinking anything of it. Just, ‘Oh, I have a rash’, or, ‘I’ve been itching a lot.’ … I remember both of us turning to one another and saying, ‘Oh my God, I have bedbugs. Oh my God, I do too!’” Better tell everyone on Facebook! In other news of the theater, the annual haute carnival Spiegelworld has colonized South Street Seaport, featuring a new show, “Desir,” by John O’Connell, the guy who did “Moulin Rouge.” “We’ve got a Russian balancing act, we’ve got a comedy act, there are aerial acts, it’s kind of like a Cirque du Soleil but at the pier, in a small tent,” Mr. O’Connell said. “It’s very intimate. No one is very far away from the performers. Have you been to the Spiegel tent before? It’s a very special tent.” Ooh, well, then we’ll just have to peek under it, won’t we!

[For Reasons Unknown, Barrow Street Theatre, 10 p.m.,; Desir at Spiegelworld, Pier 17 at South Street Seaport, 7:30 p.m.,] Monday, August 18