Morning Read: Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain’s V.P. pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, said the job of running mate is "unproductive" in an interview last month.

She was endorsed by Ted Stevens when she ran for governor.

She’s conservative, has only been governor for two years, and is three years younger than Obama.

Here’s an op-ed about polar bears Palin wrote for The New York Times last January.

Here’s the biographical video shown at Invesco Field before Barack Obama spoke last night.

Al Gore spoke, and said voters face essentially the same choice they did in 2000.

Obama’s speech last night took aim at McCain and George W. Bush.

Here’s that convention bounce.

Obama’s speech was aimed at defusing his celebrity image and winning over an elusive voting bloc: working women.

He "wowed fellow Democratic pols from the moment he strode onto the stage," reports the Daily News.

New York Post readers liked it.

It played well in Rochester.

New York Democrats are going to campaign nationwide for Obama.

In an op-ed, Randy Mastro says Michael Bloomberg "is acting like a typical politician" by trying to extend term limits.

Kevin Sheekey, Patti Harris and Ed Skyler reportedly oppose extending term limits.

Christine Quinn, Melinda Katz and others would have to return some campaign cash if term limits are extended.

Andrew Cuomo is trying making gas cheaper.

Here’s more on the G.O.P. primary on Staten Island.

New Orleans is worried about Gustav. Morning Read: Friday, August 29, 2008