VSL:WEB // Want to see like Superman?

“Pat-down or full-body X-ray?” could well become the new “Paper or plastic?” Some of us have already resigned ourselves to the inevitability that, in this post-post-9/11 world, our bodies will simply be X-rayed at all times, with our bones and junk uploadable for bureaucratic titillation 24/7.

But wait! Cheer up! X-rays can be superfun. Just check out British photographer Nick Veasey’s amazing collection of irradiated objects — everything from a feather to a Boeing 777. Veasey X-rays a humdrum item like a hair dryer, and suddenly it takes on the appearance of futuristic weaponry. Particularly cool are the animal and (Rorschach-test-looking) insect photos. One amazing photo, of a bus filled with passengers, is a must-see(-through). It’s actually a composite (Veasey admits Photoshop is vital) — the “people” on the bus are just one person’s X-ray, multiplied — and for that one he used a corpse.

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