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Joey Novick from Politics Unusual spent the entire week live blogging from the Convention. Here are his daily posts, exclusive to

Day One:

Every four years, a group of passionate, focused and truly inspiring Americans, gather together for a few days of speeches, parties, committee meetings, and caucuses —that will impact the future of our nation. Right now, I am live blogging at that Convention directly in the middle of the thick of it all. I have complete access, and have been entrusted with the highest level Convention security clearance. The energy is invigorating.

Yup, once again this "Joe from Jersey" is proud to represent the Garden State at the quadrennial convention of the "Joes of America"—this year in St. Joseph, Mich.

The convention just oozes "Joementum!" And why? There are many, many important speakers and panel discussions.

This year, the big event for our final night is the speech by our very own 'national Joe', Senator Joe Biden. He is the invited guest for the final night, and we eagerly await his arrival and inspirational words. You can feel the exciting buzz with every 'cup of Joe'!

Today, there's "Joe-tivity" aplenty: There's the panel "From Joe Shmoe to G.I. Joe: Images of Joes in the Media". For your Average Joe football fan, there's the "Joe Namath vs. Joe Montana" breakout workshop. And the special program, "Giuseppes, Josés, and Yosefs: Joes from all Nations". And, of course, the tribute to comedian Joey Bishop. We're not without our own share of controversy: The Platform Committee will deal with the issue of whether or not Joes of America should invite "Joels" to join us next convention. Maybe the time has finally come for "Joels" to be accepted.

Tonight's Keynote speaker is Joe Torre, with a tribute to Joe DiMaggio. Yankee tears all around. Cannot wait.

Day Two:

At the "Cup of Joe" breakfast, I overheard a Joey talking to a Joseph: Apparently, there is still a bit of a big stink in air leftover from 2000, when Senator Joe Lieberman snubbed the whole "Joes of America" event at the last minute for some "speaking engagement in LA".

Whatdaya gonna do? The "other" convention was in Hollywood, and we were in Josephville, Missouri. Well, I say—be a 'Good Ole Joe', and get over it! This year, we're in beautiful St. Joseph, Mich.—-right on the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan—"just 90 minutes from Chicago, 45 minutes from Kalamazoo and 30 minutes from South Bend." Boy, is that centrally located or what? Who in their right mind would pass that up! So, we're looking forward to hearing Senator Joe Biden this year.

Tonight's keynote speaker is former "Friends" actor Matt LaBlanc, with outtakes from his cancelled NBC "Joey". Boy, is that gonna get wacky!

Day Three:

While most of the national news outlets are covering what's going on 'in Denver', I do see at least one news van right outside the convention hall…..oops, my bad. It's just a St. Joseph Herald-Palladium newspaper truck filling a news box.

Today, I had lunch with Jersey's own, Joe Piscopo. He had me cracking up all afternoon with his "I'm from Jersey, You from Jersey?" character from the 1980 season of Saturday Night Live. Boy is he funny! I love that guy, but I cannot wait to hear Senator Joe Biden tonight! He's gonna be "Joe-tastic!"

And, after his speech, we've invited Senator Joe to boogie the night away at the late night "Baby Kangaroo Bash"! Hop to it! [For those of you "non-Joes" out there, 'Joey' is a baby kangaroo—Google it, if you don't believe me.]

Day Four:

Last night, all the "Joementum" was gone: keynote speaker Senator Joe Biden failed to show up. Once again, a nationally known Joe has disappointed us Average Joes. I cannot tell you how sad it is to sit in a room filled with excited Joes, Josephs, and Joeys, and have a "No Show Joe." Senator Biden's office said something about a schedule conflict, and 'having to be in Denver'. Say it ain't so, Joe, say it ain't so.

So, this year's "Joes in America" Convention comes to a close. And so, it's on to the Beaver State in 2012—-and the beautiful vistas of Wallowa Lake State Park– in Joseph, Oregon. Adios, ami-Joes! Ami-joes. That's our own little joke!

Joey Novick is an attorney, professional stand-up comedian, professional keynote speaker, and a former 12 year Councilman in Flemington, NJ. From 1996-2000, he served as the County Chair of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee. As a stand-up comedian and improv actor, Joey has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, Rascal's Comedy Hour and One Life to Live, and most recently, with "Laughing Liberally". He has opened in concert and at comedy club dates for such comedy notables as Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Klein, Lewis Black, Rosie O'Donnell and Ray Romano. He is currently developing a one-man show about life, laughter and local government in the Garden State, tentatively entitled, "Trentoon".

His blog,, has been informing NJ's political insiders for almost "two-thirds of a fiftieth of a century," and has recognized by Campaigns & Elections and SNJ Business People. The New York Times, AP Newswire, Washington Post, Newark Star-Ledger, ABC News and National Public Radio have all been kind enough to mention his work in comedy and politics every now and then. Joey appears monthly on News-12's "Power & Politics", sharing his keen insights on NJ's elected officials, and has chaired a panel on political humor for the New Jersey State League of Municipalities every year since 1995. He has taken his political humor on the road across the nation, appearing at state municipal league conferences in New York, Maine, Connecticut, Nevada, West Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Kentucky and Rhode Island; as well as at the National League of Cities Conference. His mother, Pearl, lives in Florida, plays canasta almost every day, and is very glad Joey visits her on a regular basis. | |

Not Your Average Joe.