Obama on ‘3 a.m.,’ Massa and McCain

In an interview with Ladies Homes Journal Barack Obama said of Hillary Clinton’s "3 a.m." ad (remember!?), "If you were not occasionally jolted awake at three in the morning thinking about the magnitude of the work that has to be done, then you probably shouldn’t be president." [via Lynn Sweet]

Democrats will be partying more often, if not harder, than Republicans this season. [Ambinder]

Condoleezza Rice neither endorsed nor criticized Obama. [Ben Smith]

Hillary Clinton endorsed Staten Island Congressional candidate Mike McMahon. [Liz Benjamin]

Upstate Democratic Congressional candidate Eric Massa said while outlining his energy plan, "I have always been in agreement with John McCain," although he went on to criticize the Republican. [The Fighting 29th]

An upstate blogger gives Congressional candidate Jon Powers a FAIL for the way he responded to charges that his nonprofit hadn’t done anything while he was taking a salary from it. [Buffalo Geek]

This blogger agrees, but in a nicer way. [Buffalo Pundit]

Evangelical minister Richard Land called Obama an "arsonist" for evangelicals, and not in a good way. [The Swamp]

  Obama on ‘3 a.m.,’ Massa and McCain