Obama on Strategic Reserves, Ikea Irritates Park Slope

Barack Obama released an ad that draws attention to donations John McCain receives from the oil industry. [Barack Obama]

The McCain campaign says it’s hypocritical. [The Page]


Beth Reinhard points out there’s nothing in the ad about Obama’s alleged shift on offshore drilling. [Naked Politics]

In an energy policy speech, Obama called for taking some oil out of the strategic reserves to drive down prices–something Nancy Pelosi has also suggested As has Chuck Schumer, repeatedly. [AP]

T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore are reportedly talking to each other. [Bloomberg]

Park Slope residents are peeved about idling Ikea buses. [Brooklyn Paper]

Ben Smith reviews the first negative biography of Obama. [Politico]

The New Jersey Nets actually have to stay in New Jersey longer than previously assumed–the soonest they might get to Brooklyn is 2012, which means more delays for Atlantic Yards. [Atlantic Yards Report]

Bill Clinton says he’s not racist. [The Page]


Obama on Strategic Reserves, Ikea Irritates Park Slope