Opening Ceremony’s 72-Hour Olympics Extravaganza

On Friday, August 11, Opening Ceremony kicked off a 72-hour party at their Howard Street store in honor of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

The celebration began promptly at 7pm and lasted through Sunday evening, though the Daily Transom was there to only catch Friday’s festivities, which included performances by specially hired cheerleaders, a flat-screen TV to show the actual opening ceremony in Beijing, and a vintage ’50s style Good Humor ice cream truck and a taco truck to keep everyone’s sugar levels up. (Much later, mini cans of Budweiser were brought out after the celebratory champagne ran dry.)

“We wanted it to be like a community fair, like our own little block party but contained within the store,” said the store’s co-owner, Humberto Leon. “We’ve always had this idea of doing a 72-hour store and this seemed like the perfect time to celebrate.”

As Mr. Leon was talking, the party was beginning to fill up. Inside was fashion writer and friend-of-socialites Derek Blasberg, installation artist Terrance Koh, and Tess Brokaw (who may or may not be Tom Brokaw’s distant cousin) joining a group of other well-dressed creative types with asymmetrical haircuts.

“Whether it be the Olympics, or a restaurant, or anything, we always just liked this idea of celebrating something, and that’s the kind of feel we want the store to have all the time,” he added.

We wondered if Mr. Leon would like to design his own set of Olympic uniforms.

“I would love to design something for gymnastics and the swimming would be fun because it’s so little, but it can be so much!” he said.

The Daily Transom also cornered adorable Vena Cava designer Lisa Mayock, who was downing a mini taco out front before heading home to watch the Beijing games in the comfort of her Williamsburg home. Would she too like to dabble in some athletic designs?

“Totally! I’d love to do something really graphic in black or blue for gymnastics or ice skating,” she said. “I understand it’s a performance and people are viewing it from afar and that’s why they put all the bells and whistles on them, but think they can be equally effective if they were like really graphic and well-designed.”

The petite Ms. Mayock, whose neat bangs fall right above her brown eyes, told the Daily Transom that she’s been keeping busy finishing her own Spring 2009 line.

“It’s Egyptian sportswear, we’re calling it celestial sportswear,” she said. “But it’s loosely inspired by Egyptomania.”


“It’s a fascination with Egypt. Like Francophile, but we’re doing it in a subtle way so that it’s wearable,” she said. “All the shapes and details are a little bit more special, and there’s more beading and hardware. There’s just a bit more of everything!”

As part of the 72-hour bash, the store’s owners scheduled a host of other activities to keep the party going, like a 6 a.m. Scrabble game on Saturday, 9 p.m. karaoke on Saturday night, and a 1 a.m. ping-pong tournament on Sunday.

Daily Transom was ready to bow out of the three-day party by midnight, but Mr. Leon was still going strong. “I might try to go home and sleep when the store is opened during the normal day hours,” he confessed.

And Ms. Mayock?

“I think I made it for a total of an hour.”

Opening Ceremony’s 72-Hour Olympics Extravaganza