Passing the Baton, Ferraro on Hillary, Bush and the R.N.C.

"The Clintons passed the baton to Obama," declares Edward Luce. [Financial Times]

David Paterson said on Fred Dicker’s radio show today that Barack Obama should have visited the New York delegation here in Denver. [Capitol Confidential]

Jonathan Martin reports the Karl Rove tried to get Joe Lieberman to withdraw as a potential running mate. He didn’t. [Politico]

Connecticut delegates want Joe Lieberman to be punished for his sins. [The Hill]

Geraldine Ferraro thinks Hillary Clinton "could not have not more." [Daily News]

Peggy Noonan’s column on Bill Clinton is headlined, "The Master Has Arrived." [W.S.J.]

Obama is going to fill 75,000 seats tonight, and McCain is having trouble filling 10,000. [Ambinder]

“I thought it would happen one day, but I never thought I would live to see it," said Representative James Clyburn about Obama’s nomination. [C.Q.]

George W. Bush may not speak at the Republican convention because of Tropical Storm Gustav. [Think Progress]

Tim Pawlenty, a potential running mate for McCain, is on TV blasting away at Obama today. [The Page]

Nancy Pelosi is helping Obama draft a preliminary legislative agenda, which will prioritize economic relief, ending the war in Iraq, health care infrastructure, and energy, in that order. [Washington Post]

A producer for ABC News was arrested for interference in Denver. [A.P.]

City Councilman Joe Addabbo may have some legal problems with his campaign finance filings. [Daily News]

Hillary Clinton got stranded in an elevator last night in the Pepsi Center. [Political Punch]

Passing the Baton, Ferraro on Hillary, Bush and the R.N.C.