Paterson Spoke, But Carey, Cuomo and Pataki Thundered

With the final speaking schedule for Thursday released, the gubernatorial tally is in: David Paterson was one 15 governors to land a slot at the podium at the Democratic convention this week.

There are 28 Democratic governors in the country, so that puts Paterson in the majority. His time slot (around 3:45 M.S.T Tuesday) was earlier than all but one of them (Governor Chet Culver of swing-state Iowa).

New York is of course no swing state, but there’s a long tradition of governors speaking at the national political conventions.

Had Paterson not been given a speaking slot—and the Daily News reported earlier this month that the D.N.C. didn’t offer him one—he would have been the first sitting New York governor since at least 1980 to be left on the sidelines at a convention of either party.

Mario Cuomo delivered major speeches at each his three conventions as governor–in 1984, 1988 and 1992–and George Pataki introduced George W. Bush in 2004, delivered the vice-presidential nomination for Jack Kemp in 1996, and spoke in a less high-profile role in 2000.

Hugh Carey spoke at the Democratic convention in 1980 (and perhaps in 1976, but I can’t find record of it).

Paterson Spoke, But Carey, Cuomo and Pataki Thundered