Paterson to Legislature: ‘Great Work’

Speaking to reporters on the third floor of the Capitol in Albany this morning, David Paterson praised the Legislature for returning to deal with the budget.

"This legislature is converting to full-time," he said, and added that if the economy continued to struggle, "it would not be a problem to get this Legislature to come back and deal with it."

Late last month Paterson apologized to state lawmakers for saying, in a speech about the state’s dire economic situation, that the Legislature was on "vacation."

“I am not going to have an acrimonious relationship with the Legislature," he said at the time, likely hoping to avoid the kind of combative relationship Eliot Spitzer had with state elected officials.

Standing with other legislative leaders for a press conference that was also broadcast on the Internet, Paterson went on to say that he isn’t signaling support for increasing salaries for state lawmakers, which he has previously opposed.

"It’s very hard to be open to anything that is higher when everything else is lower," he said.

Earlier this week, the Assembly and State Senate agreed to cut more than $400 million from this year’s budget–a remarkable act during the summer before an election.

"Great work for everybody, but get ready, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride," Paterson said before exiting.

Paterson to Legislature: ‘Great Work’