Pollak is Obama’s NY Man

Former State Democratic Party co-chair Dave Pollak will be directing Barack Obama’s New York operation.

As I was writing this, the Obama campaign put out a statement on it.

I left a message on Pollak’s cell phone, and noticed that his FaceBook status message says that he “is getting ready…”

Although some elected officials came out and endorsed Barack Obama in the primary, the campaign hadn’t actually created much of a New York campaign infrastructure, which has led to some grumblings from people here.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with a rather upbeat Pollak, who said he’s looking to build a political movement that goes past this November’s election.

“The Obama for America movement is about something bigger than this presidential campaign, so the energy and enthusiasm for Barack Obama should be sustainable and replicable for politics over time,” he said.

Pollak founded the group, DL21C, which ended up being a popular breeding ground for young professionals looking to get involved with Democratic politics here. Later, he spearheaded efforts to get the state’s Democratic Party online and up-to-date technologically. Pollak is Obama’s NY Man