Rachel Maddow Gets 9 P.M. Show on MSNBC; Replaces Dan Abrams

Yesterday, Bill Carter of the New York Times broke the news that MSNBC is giving Rachel Maddow, their talented and popular 35-year-old liberal commentator, her own show, which will replace Dan Abrams’ Verdict at 9 p.m. The new show, according to The Times, will start on Sept. 8. Mr. Abrams will stay on at the network as a legal correspondent and substitute anchor. His last show will be Thursday night.

Following Keith Olbermann’s Countdown at 8 p.m., Ms. Maddow’s new show will give MSNBC a solid two-hour block of liberal politics every weeknight, and will further solidify the cable news channel’s unstated strategy of making itself the place for liberal political analysis in prime time.

More from the article:

MSNBC is highlighting the date, 9/8/08, connecting it to the start of the Olympics on 8/8/08, as a way to signal what the network’s president, Phil Griffin, said “will be the final leg of the political race this year.” He added, “We’re making that Rachel’s debut.”

Mr. Abrams, who is well liked at MSNBC, is expected to remain both there and at NBC News, where he is the chief legal correspondent. He will also serve as an anchor during some of MSNBC’s daytime coverage, as well as a substitute host on NBC’s “Weekend Today” show.

The addition of Ms. Maddow as a prime-time host had been expected for some time. Only a month ago Mr. Griffin said she was at the top of the list to get a program at the network and was likely to secure one soon.

Mr. Olbermann introduced Ms. Maddow’s new show on Countdown; clip above.


Rachel Maddow Gets 9 P.M. Show on MSNBC; Replaces Dan Abrams