Rangel on Immigration, Bad Guys

At the Dominican Bar Association’s legislative breakfast, Charlie Rangel told attendees that the only answer to the nation’s need for better immigration law is to implement amnesty.

The sparsely attended event was held this morning on West 44th Street.

Rangel criticized the compromise immigration plan proposed by fellow Democrat Ted Kennedy (and co-sponsored by John McCain), saying it was confusing and impractical.

Then, at around the 2:00 mark, Rangel references the law enforcement agents and officials who arrest undocumented workers, saying that those sheriffs and mayors are "bad guys" who work in “little towns around the country."

“All they want to do is arrest somebody and get on TV,” Rangel said, adding that the local economies rely heavily on the immigrants.

“They’re working against their interests,” he said. “It’s almost like a slaveholder saying, ‘Get rid of the slave, but we want them to work.” Rangel on Immigration, Bad Guys