Rangel: ‘Term Limits Suck’

DENVER—Speaking to reporters just before a breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel, Representative Charlie Rangel commented on the reported effort of some city politicians to change the laws that govern term limits before the 2009 election.

Referring to the next mayoral election, in which Bloomberg would likely run if term limits were extended, Rangel said, "If I didn’t have a candidate in the race, which I do, which is our comptroller [Bill Thomson], I would really say term limits suck."

Then he added,"But this is a hell of a time to do it." (To put the issue before voters a referendum would have to go on the ballot this November).

Thompson has said he may be open to changing the law, which would severely complicate his mayoral bid. When a reporter mentioned this, Rangel said, "What is Thompson going to say?"

Later, I asked City Council Speaker and likely mayoral candidate Christine Quinn about term limits. "The mayor and I have had no conversations," she said, adding, "Right now, I think people are creating a story that is much ado about nothing."

She also said she wasn’t surprised to hear Bloomberg reportedly spoke about term limits with the publishers of daily newspapers in the city.

Rangel: ‘Term Limits Suck’