Rangel’s Donation, Jersey’s Rock Stars

Not just Bruce Springsteen will be in Denver, but also Bon Jovi. [Rocky Mountain News]

Dick Cheney will spend most of the Republican National Convention in Georgia. [Newsmax]

The Obama and Clinton campaigns put out a joint statement about media reports of tension between them. [The Page]

The D.N.C. returned $100,000 from Charlie Rangel’s P.A.C. because it Obama does not want to take money from P.A.C.s. [CNN]

This convention is making Bob Hardt feel like a nun. [NY1]

Joe Conason, a glutton for punishment, is blogging again. [Observer]

And Tom Dinapoli is blogging his trip to Denver! [Dinapoli2010]

In the comments section, Dan Jacoby says that Sheldon Silver really does know who Paul Newell is.

Rangel’s Donation, Jersey’s Rock Stars