Release: Missbehave Magazine Names Lesley Arfin Editor-in-Chief

Vice ‘Dear Diary’ columnist and cool gal about town Lesley Arfin has been named editor in chief of Missbehave, the cheeky hipster women’s magazine, according to a release.

Ms. Arfin, who probably still isn’t over Rosie O’Donnell leaving The View, is described by Samantha Moeller, Missbehave‘s founder, as "without a doubt the quintessential ‘Missbehave’ chick: Chic, yet badass, she was the obvious choice."

In 2007, Ms. Arfin told The Huffington Post’s A.J. Daulerio in an interview that she could think of no cooler magazine to work for than the Brooklyn-based Vice:

People love to hate Vice, just like the nerds love to hate the popular kids. When I was in my early 20s yes, I thought writing for Vice made me cooler than most people, however today my idea of what is cool has changed drastically. Oh who am I kidding? Yes I think it makes me cool. I mean, what magazine would be cooler? Vanity Fair? Yeah right! Something arty like Purple? Boooring. Vice is like The Fonz of magazines.

Perhaps Ms. Arfin will come to think that Missbehave is the magazine-world Pinky Tuscadero? Release: Missbehave Magazine Names Lesley Arfin Editor-in-Chief