Rob Speyer to Stuy Town Heckler: ‘Thank You’

New Stuyvesant Town/Cooper Village watchdog blog The Stuyvesant Town Report, written by an apparently anonymous Stuy Town tenant, chronicles a recent visit by landlord Rob Speyer:

As reported by a member of Stuyvesant Town message board, Tishman Speyer President and Co-CEO Rob Speyer and a group of about nine suits (minus one suit due to an arm in a sling) descended Tuesday morning upon Stuyvesant Town for a tour of the complex. The member accosted the group as they passed him by, telling them what a horrible job they were doing, to which Rob Speyer answered, "Thank you." According to another resident, the group headed around the Oval and into the eastern area of Stuy Town in an examination of what appeared to be, generally, problematic front spaces at some Stuy Town buildings. Notations were being taken down by a nice young man onto large sheets of building diagrams.

Hat tip Curbed. Rob Speyer to Stuy Town Heckler: ‘Thank You’