Roberts: Lonegan is “preposterous”

DENVER — Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts (D-Camden) said that members of the unofficial legislative committee figuring out how to salvage the Clean Elections program have met at least once and are “rolling up their sleeves to do everything they can to keep the program.”

Clean Elections faces a potential constitutional hurdle and the fierce opposition of conservatives, who went looking for what they called a “secret” committee meeting. Conservative activist Steve Lonegan’s Americans for Prosperity even made a video documenting their search for the committee’s meeting.

Although Roberts convened the committee, he doesn’t know where they met either (he’s not actually a member).

“It might have been somewhere in the statehouse.”

Roberts took issue with Lonegan’s representation of the meeting in the video, and called Lonegan’s stance hypocritical.

“I think Mr. Lonegan is preposterous. I think it should be noted. Somebody brought this to my attention that he decried public money for legislative campaigns but had no problem accepting it when he ran for governor,” he said. “I think a small group of folks who listen to him and believe in him will probably believe anything he tells them. A small group.” Roberts: Lonegan is “preposterous”