Saturday, August 23

Share and Sherer alike: The clever foodies at New York magazine are sponsoring the oxymoronic-sounding Highbrow BBQ, catered by former Top Chef contestant CJ Jacobson. “I was kind of surprised to hear the name ‘Highbrow BBQ’ also,” CJ told us, “considering it’s $25 and it’s geared more toward younger hipsters and so forth. I think what they’re trying to do is have some BBQ fare, but not your typical BBQ fare. Like I’m going to do a Moroccan spiced pork taco.” Can we substitute soy, please? Also today: Widely envied fashion mogul and social goddess Tory Burch hosts a private shopping event with charity Girls Quest. More of a “friend-raiser” than a fund-raiser, said co-host Monica Sherer. And in case any funds do drop into Girls Quest’s coffers, they will go to girls who, Ms. Sherer said, “face … I guess, different … Many of them face different financial disadvantages, or come from … I want to say this the right way. … How would I … They don’t normally have—I think these are girls that don’t necessarily get the opportunities that may be available to other girls in the New York area. Whew!

[Highbrow BBQ, Solar One on the East River waterfront at 23rd Street, 1 p.m.,; Tory Burch, 47 Newton Lane, East Hampton, 5 p.m.,, 212-532-7050] Saturday, August 23