Schumer Remembers the Lesson of Kerry ’04

Appearing on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show (hosted today by Amy Eddings), Chuck Schumer praised Barack Obama and said he isn’t worried about Obama’s lack of progress in the general election polls because he’s still an unknown figure to voters.

Schumer said the polls will swing to the Democat "as people get to know Obama–and particularly if he campaigns on issues. " Then he added, "With one caveat: they do have to hit back."

The message behind McCain’s "Celeb" ad, Schumer said, was, "He’s not one of us, he’s a celebrity, he’s an elitist".

"That’s what they did with John Kerry," Schumer said, adding, "I would have been a little tougher."

Asked if he had any suggestions for Obama’s V.P. pick Schumer replied, "Not publicly."

Schumer Remembers the Lesson of Kerry ’04