Serrano: ‘Angry Folks’ Pushing for Clinton Vote

DENVER—Referring to Clinton supporters’ plans to place her name in nomination, Representative Jose Serrano of the Bronx just told me that the New York delegation is being put "in a very difficult situation by some angry folks who somehow want to make a statement that need not be made.”

Serrano, who was on 16th Street downtown, recalled that Clinton’s New York supporters quickly endorsed Obama after Clinton dropped out of the race.

“The New York Congressional delegation,” he said, “went to the Democratic [Congressional] Campaign Committee and we endorsed [Senator] Obama and praised Senator Clinton, as she deserved to be praised. The next day, the State Senate–where my son is a senator–and the State Assembly, had a press conference in New York endorsing Senator Obama. My son is an elected Obama delegate. I’m an appointed superdelegate. Then, my son and I,” he said, “put out a statement endorsing Senator Obama.

“After all that, how do I then not vote for Senator Obama at any moment at the convention?"

He went on, "Everybody knows how well Hillary did; how close the race was, how much she means to this party and this country, how important she is to the Senat–and she is speaking primetime."

I also ran into Reggie LaFayette, the executive committee chairman for the New York State Democratic Party. When asked about the roll call vote, he said simply, “The question never came up.”


Serrano: ‘Angry Folks’ Pushing for Clinton Vote