State GOP rips Stender on tax woes

New Jersey Republican Chairman Tom Wilson released a statement Monday blasting Assemblywoman and Democratic congressional candidate Linda Stender (D-Union)on her own tax problems.

In the statement, Wilson said Stender's businessaccrued $90,000 in unpaid local, state and federal taxesover the last threeyears, paying only when faced with liens on her business.

Wilson said Stender has consistently voted to raise taxes in the state Assembly while neglecting to pay her own business taxes.

"Stender's raised taxes 64 times as a legislator, but when it comes to paying her own taxes, she routinely takes a pass," Wilson said in the statement. "The last thing Congress needs is another tax and spend liberal all too eager to raise everyone else's taxes because she doesn't want to pay hers."

Stender is facing off against state Sen. Leonard Lance (R-Hunterdon)in New Jersey's 7th Congressional District. She failed in a 2006 bid to take the seat from incumbent RepublicanU.S. Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-Ridgewood), who is not seeking reelection.

State GOP rips Stender on tax woes