Sunday, August 24

Whither Woodward? It’s your last day to see a photo exhibit by dapper GQ design director Fred Woodward, erstwhile Mississippian, at Vanity Fair photographer Mark Seliger’s 401 Projects in the West Village. Black-and-white shots taken in Canton, Miss. (Mr. Woodward himself is from Noxapater, pop. 500), for a 1986 Atlantic article about African-American northern migration (by a good friend, Nicholas Lemann), the photos predate Mr. Woodward’s hiring at Rolling Stone and subsequent rise to the top of the design heap! Later, the band Yo La Tengo attracts all the skinny jeansters of Williamsburg as if by magnetic force to the empty pool in McCarren Park. There, they will smoke pot and drape themselves on one another and snap pictures with their iPhones to decorate their Facebook pages. Yes, this is what passes for fun these days.

[Going Over Home, photography by Fred Woodward, 401 Projects, 401 West Street, noon to 6 p.m., 212-633-6202; Yo La Tengo at McCarren Park Pool, 2 p.m.,] Sunday, August 24