The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

As three new stadiums push skyward, so do ticket prices. [NY Times via TRD]

New York doesn’t get the top spots in the new World Edition of Monopoly. You’ll never guess who did. [City Room]

Another hotel for crowded Orchard Street. [Curbed]

The impact of Bloomberg’s aggressive rezoning policies. [Curbed]

The co-op recommendation letter you shouldn’t send. [Stilettos on Cobblestone via Curbed]

Hedge fund manager drops $20 million for UES condo. [TRD]

A 91-year-old I.M. Pei to be honored at fundraiser for the new Museum of Chinese in America. [TRD]

Brace yourself. It’s bed bug central! [Gothamist]


The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday