The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

New owners of the Riverton—an iconic Harlem housing complex—at risk of defaulting on their mortgage. [NY Times]

“Accessible” apartments remain a nightmare for many disabled tenants. [NY Times]

A peek into Goldman Sachs’ new Battery Park headquarters. [NY Times]

The endless struggle to rent right in New York. [NY Times]

The transformation of a Madison Avenue corner. [NY Times]

Amid a shacky finance industry, Westchester homes aren’t selling like they used to. [NY Times]

As the housing market tanks, perspective sellers choose to rent their homes instead. [NY Times]

Affordable housing coming to the East Village!? [NY Times]

Another world awaits at the end of the line. [NY Times]

A dry run for the new JetBlue terminal. [NY Times]

The summer’s last car-free weekend. [NY Times]

Housing Authority wracked by faulty elevators. [NYDN]

Queens residents complain of more harassment from Vantage. [NYDN]

Crane boss accused of bribery attacks former employee at Long Island nightspot. [NY Post]

Famed bagel tycoon slammed with $2.3 million tax lien. [NY Post]

Trump has an office building on Sixth Avenue—one of many NYC Wiki-myths. [NY Post]

Manhattan’s first winery comes to Soho. [NY Post]

New York airports to lose 25 non-stop flights. [NY Sun]

Home sales hover near 10-year low… [NY Sun]

But the rate of home price declines may be slowing. [WSJ]

Freddie Mac looks to sell shares to private-equity firms, even amid speculation of a government bailout that could make those shares worthless. [WSJ]

Vote to rezone East 125th Street—which would clear the way for a massive mixed-use building—to take place this week. [Crain’s]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday