The City’s Most Glorious Co-op Flip! Bommers Selling New Duplex for $48.9 M.

In what will surely go down as one of the most splendid flips in the history of ultra-posh New York City real estate, the young hedge fund executive Scott Bommer and his wife Donya, once an anchor for "Good Day Philadelphia," have sold their duplex penthouse at 1060 Fifth Avenue for around $48.9 million, according to a source.

Not only does the sale come in the middle of a relatively sludgy, even gloomy real estate market, but there’s the downright flabbergasting fact that the Bommers bought the apartment only this January. They paid $46 million, setting a record for a Manhattan co-op sale.

That record was broken this summer, when the chairman of the Loews conglomerate, Jonathan Tisch, agreed to pay $48 million for a co-op at 2 East 67th Street (though the deal hasn’t closed yet). So not only will the Bommers be making a quick couple of million dollars, but they’ll be reclaiming their slot atop the New York City co-op hierarchy.

It’s not clear who’s buying the penthouse duplex, with its greenhouse and a 114.5-foot-long terrace facing south, plus a maze-like master bedroom suite and a corner living room facing Central Park. But Mr. Bommer is well-connected: He sits on the board of the tremendously important Robin Hood Foundation with Richard Fuld, Bob Pittman, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The apartment, besides its $48.9 price, still needs quite a bit of work–which according to The Observer‘s source was one of the reasons why the Bommers decided to sell. Among other things, the top and bottom floors have to be combined into a real duplex: Georgia Shreve, who sold the apartment in January, had proposed combining the units (in an "18th-century" style, she told The Observer last year) though the building’s board turned her plans down.

The City’s Most Glorious Co-op Flip! Bommers Selling New Duplex for $48.9 M.