The Clinton Factor, Rudy’s Chances

Noam Scheiber doesn’t think that it was at all dumb to give the Clintons two nights at the convention. [The Stump]

Susan Davis reports that Bill Clinton will probably talk about the economy, even though the theme of the night is national security. [Washington Wire]

The Rocky Mountain News captures a Denver police officer shoving a Code Pink protester to the ground. [YouTube]

It seems that Rudy Giuliani was never under consideration as a running mate for John McCain. [Spin Cycle]

Joe Lieberman says he absolutely did not tell McCain that the two of them would make a bad ticket, as Robert Novak reported. [Jonathan Martin]

Despite losing ground in national polls, Obama is leading in a number of battleground states. [Political Wire]

And back in New York, an upstate blogger says the NYRI powerline project is inevitable. [CNY Snakepit]

Two years after beginning the process, the enormous NYRI project’s application has been approved. [Times Herald-Record]

Considering whether New York needs another Robert Moses, a blogger says "the possibilities are both frightening and fascinating." [Second Avenue Sagas]

Manhattan’s poverty rates may have dropped, but Buffalo’s are among the highest in the nation. [Buffalo Bean]

Anthony Weiner says he’ll run for mayor no matter what Michael Bloomberg does to term limits. [Liz Benjamin]

A Brooklyn blogger expounds on Deval Patrick’s roots in the borough. [Brooklyn Ron]

The Clinton Factor, Rudy’s Chances