The Morning Read: Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New York Post cites an unnamed source who said after the November elections Michael Bloomberg will try to change the rules around term limits so he can run again.

When asked, Andrew Cuomo didn’t rule out a run for mayor.

Tom Golisano’s P.A.C. named two candidates it will support: Richard Dollinger and former fighter "Baby" Joe Mesi.

The New York Times took note of another staff departure at Anthony Weiner’s office.

Chuck Schumer will speak at the Democratic National Convention.

David Paterson says he has feelings–and attack ads hurt them.

Paterson later said that cuts to next year’s budget will be much bigger than the cuts the legislature just approved.

Paterson said if revenues continue to decline, “We will be right back here.”

Paterson also wants to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

The editorial board at the Syracuse Post-Standard isn’t impressed with the state budget cuts.

Sheldon Silver is moving swiftly to investigate allegations of fraternization between Assemblyman Sam Hoyt and a former intern.

The Post has excerpts of some of the emails that exposed the relationship.

Silver allegedly told members not to worry about their member items.

A person who read a letter from Scott Stringer aloud during a public meeting may face charges of criminal impersonation.

Here’s more on Curtis Taylor’s employment.

The city is proposing drastic cuts to school bus service for special-ed students.

Parents are not happy about it.

Windmills in New York City, it seems, are nothing new.

The Daily News notes that Bloomberg’s proposal for windmills is really expensive, and would take lots of time to actually build.

An investigation found that nobody actually had a permit to do construction on the Deutsche Bank building when a fire inside killed two firemen last year.

Hilary Clinton is putting together an ominous-sounding "whip team" to control her rowdy supporters during roll call at the D.N.C.

John McCain will not pledge to serve only one term if elected, as some have suggested he would.

Two national polls this morning have the same result: Obama 45, McCain 42.

The New York Times editorial board is wary of corporations that pay the bills for the conventions.

"I don’t want to be in GQ," says McCain aide Steve Schmidt in this Washington Post profile. "I want to go home." The Morning Read: Thursday, August 21, 2008