The Morning Read: Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sam Roberts wonders why people making less than $75,000 a year like Michael Bloomberg so much.

The New York State Thruway Authority, which administers highways and canals, was found to be illegally paying health insurance premiums for board members, who are supposed to be unpaid.

Steve Friess hangs out the American Political Item Collectors National Convention.

Dean Skelos asked Bloomberg for $10 million, writes Fred Dicker.

John Kerry endorsed upstate Congressional candidate and Iraq war vet Jon Powers.

The New York Times reports more on a McCain bundler who collected an odd bunch of donations, many of them reportedly through a third party.

The Washington Post, noting that some of the bundler’s donors have never been involved politically or even registered to vote, quotes him explaining, "I have a lot of Arab business partners. I do a lot of business in the Middle East. I’ve got a lot of friends."

Tom Golisano’s questionnaire for state legislators is mainly yes-or-no questions, but there’s also an essay section.

Sheldon Silver refused to comment on the $50,000 loan he made to a company that helps trial lawyers.

Silver invests in for-profit hospitals, although they’re not allowed to operate in New York State, according to the New York Sun’s editorial board.

In a poll, New York voters say they support a millionaire’s tax.

David Paterson’s budget cuts are affecting the city of Albany.

Despite the boost in approval ratings, voters say they’d rather see Rudy Giuliani or Bloomberg elected governor over Paterson in 2010.

Andrew Cuomo met with Staten Island residents.

The Democrat & Chronicle editorial board is in favor of reforming the state brownfield laws, but says economic development upstate has to stay a priority.

Louis Marie Gibbs, who lived there at the time, revisits the Love Canal emergency and writes about corporate responsibility for pollution.

You can keep drinking at Cipriani.

No curfew in West Utica.

And Frank Cammuso captures the budget fight. The Morning Read: Thursday, August 7, 2008