The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 13, 2008

David Paterson said of the additional spending cuts he proposed, "This is how you get out of fiscal woes."

He’s facing a showdown with health care and hospital workers.

Paterson did not cut school aid, avoiding a costly political fight with teachers.

Scott Stringer conditionally endorsed a large rezoning of the Lower East Side.

The "legislature’s kingpins reacted cooly," writes James Madore and Melissa Mansfield.

Michael Bloomberg said cuts are "never easy, but necessary."

The New York Post editorial board warns Paterson against raising taxes, something he hasn’t ruled out.

In an op-ed, James Tedisco says Sheldon Silver can’t understand the value of capping property taxes because "He lives in Manhattan, where many don’t even pay property taxes because they rent."

A blogger in Utica applauds Paterson’s efforts, but worries about jobs.

Mark Penn has a Politico op-ed about the effectiveness of negative ads, and yes, he references the "3 a.m." ad.

Jerome Corsi’s new book, a fairly inaccurate and negative portrait of Barack Obama, is selling briskly.

Seth Gitell looks at an un-bylined piece that appeared in the Harvard Law Review under Obama.

George McGovern reflects on the 1972 Democratic convention.

Russia has called for an end to the conflict with Georgia.

And here it is! Joshua Green’s much-hyped Atlantic piece about the collapse of the Clinton campaign, constructed through primary sources. The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 13, 2008