The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

N.Y. Times: Obama has decided, hasn’t told anyone, could announce Wednesday A.M.

Washington Post: No idea if he’s decided, signs that he might not announce ‘till the weekend.

Meanwhile, John McCain will announce his pick in Dayton next Friday – the day after Obama’s acceptance speech.

Obama will try to make the race less of a referendum on himself.

Rick Warren’s spokesman says the pastor meant it “metaphorically” when he said that McCain was in “a cone of silence” and unable to hear Warren’s Q&A with Obama last Saturday.

It doesn’t sound like McCain and John Lewis spend much quality time together.

Have you ever wondered what your friend the New York state employee makes in a year? Well, wonder no more 

Tom Golisano just gave the Democratic convention’s Denver host committee $1 million – and all he’ll get is a lousy skybox.

Budget negotiations in Albany went into the night and will continue today.

Does Dean Skelos actually think that Malcom Smith should be sent to jail?

The Millionaire’s Tax has plenty of fans in the Assembly, but probably not in the Senate – for now.

The New York Times looks at the relationship between Christine Quinn and her father/political advisor/driver.

And on the 24th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s acceptance speech at the 1984 Republican convention, Bill Clinton celebrates his 62nd birthday today.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 19, 2008