The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In this “Behind the Scenes” video with Hillary Clinton, she says she is glad “to do what is traditionally is done and that is to have a nominating process and a roll call and then we all join behind Senator Obama.”

The controversy about Clinton’s name being placed in nomination continues, with a deal in the works.

The New York Times editorial board said placing Clinton’s name in nomination is “a pointless distraction.”

Jerry Zremski reports that Clinton “stressed that she would vote for Obama during the roll call vote and freed her delegates to do the same, while refusing to instruct them to do so.”

In short, Obama is still dealing with the “Clinton factor.”

The Wall Street Journal takes a very long look at the weather that Denver might get for Obama’s outdoor speech on Thursday.

The police used tear gas on protesters in Denver last night, and arrested about 50.

Mitt Romney is in Denver!

Michael Goodwin writes of the convention yesterday, “That so many of those speakers were white underscored the depth of concern."

Charlie Rangel and the Obama campaign had no comment on the $100,000 donation the D.N.C. is returning to Rangel’s P.A.C.

David Paterson said state leaders mistakenly believe presidential candidates have coattails.

Bill Hammond wishes Paterson had a prime-time speaking slot, and called him “one of the most fiscally conservative elected officials of either party in New York.”

Marty Markowitz wants to end term limits.

Another guilty plea in the case related to Eliot Spitzer’s call girl.

Retiring Representative Vito Fossella won’t go to trial for drunk driving until October.

Tom Golisano is backing 39 incumbent State Senators for re-election, but did not endorse in some key races, like Joe Addabbo’s challenge to Serf Maltese.

Clyde Haberman coins the term for Michael Bloomberg’s effort to extend term limits: “Giulianiosis,”

And Bob Herbert worries about the race issue.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, August 26, 2008