The Morning Read: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

John McCain leads Barack Obama by five points in the new Reuters-Zogby poll.

According to CNN’s "poll of polls," Obama is in the lead, but barely.

Via the Miami Herald, The Times of London floated Florida Senator Bill Nelson for Obama’s running mate.

Michael Bloomberg wants to see wind power in New York City.

Windmills, he said, could go on top of places like bridges and buildings.

Anthony Weiner pulled out a cell phone and explained to a guy in Queens, “This is the phone I throw.”

David Paterson and state lawmakers agreed to cut $400 million from the current budget and $600 from next year’s.

“Even with the cuts, the budget represents a 4.5 percent increase over last year’s $116 billion,” write Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker.

Tom Precious says many of the cuts “are actually reductions in the growth of spending.”

Rick Karlin notes that lawmakers also agreed to “give up $50 million in unspent ‘member items.‘”

A forum on gas drilling in Sullivan Country drew 300 people.

Paterson and Jon Corzine sent a letter opposing the federal government’s plan to auction slots at local airports.

Democratic Assemblyman Sam Hoyt of Buffalo admitted to having a “difficult” time in his marriage after racy emails were published online, but stopped short of admitting to an affair with an intern.

Sheldon Silver referred the matter to the ethics committee.

Assembly Democrats passed a bill to raise taxes on millionaires.

Despite being offered a cash incentive, fewer students passed Advance Placement tests than last year.

The New York Post says the program “doesn’t pay off.”

Maureen Dowd imagines a strategy session between McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Michael Saul imagines Obama going gray.

Poland and the United States signed a deal for a missile shield in Eastern Europe, which Russia is staunchly opposed to.

And The New York Times editorial board wants Bloomberg to help families heading to homeless shelters.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, August 20, 2008