The Morning Read: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton pleaded for party unity while leaving the door open to a future presidential run, writes Patrick Healy.

Charles Hurt writes that Clinton didn’t endorse Obama as much as “she gave a firm endorsement only of Democratic principles and values.”

The Daily News disagrees, saying she moved “forcefully but gracefully to tamp down,” the split in the party.

Kirsten Powers explains why Clinton isn’t Obama’s running mate. (Also: we knew Steve Kornacki wasn’t nuts!)

John Avlon notes that the “wounds from which Barack Obama is now bleeding – the charges that he’s an inexperienced, liberal elitist – were inflicted by the Clinton campaign in the later primaries.”

Michael Goodwin liked the speech but said her claim that she was the victim of sexism “confounding.”

Maureen Dowd thinks “on Monday, Hillary looked as if she were straining at the bit to announce her 2012 exploratory committee.”

Eleanor Randolph writes this may have been Clinton’s only shot at the nomination, but wonders if Michelle Obama may run one day.

Some Clinton supporters still aren’t on message.

Leonard Greene borrows a page from Inez Dickens.

David Paterson’s speech wasn’t as pointed as earlier comments he made in Denver.

Representative Steve Israel said he feels like a walking TicketMaster outlet here in Denver.

Rudy Giuliani likes the idea of extending term limits from two to three 4-year terms.

Michael Bloomberg would like to have that debate.

Tom DiNapoli released an audit of the City’s Finance Department, which lost track of $14.1 million in court revenue.

The G.O.P. primary on Staten Island is getting intense.

And Assemblyman Greg Ball says he doesn’t have any S.T.D.’s.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, August 27, 2008