The Palladinos Blog Denver for EW

The Culture Czar has always had a soft spot for Gilmore Girls, the beloved mother-daughter dramedy that thrived on the WB channel for six seasons. In 2006, before the seventh season, the show’s new studio and its creators, Amy Sherman-Palladino and her writer-producer husband Daniel Palladino, couldn’t come to agreements on a new contract, and the couple left the show and left usheartbroken. Gilmore Girls’ suffered and was cancelled last May, but we still DVR the repeats on the ABC Family Channel (every weekday at 11 a.m!).

So we’re happy to report that the witty couple is still going strong and getting in on the action in Denver. They’re guest blogging on Entertainment Weekly‘s PopWatch Blog during the convention.

"Our first impression of Denver: It’s Reno, but bigger," starts out their first entry, titled "Insanity in Denver." They’ve been running into Christians in street malls and "feverish nutballs," as they put it. What about the Hillary supporters?

They grimaced. They chanted. They sign-waved. Just before Chris Matthews’ live broadcast was to start, a defenseless network underling was tasked to ask the Hillary people to move their immense (and weirdly stained) Hillary sign out of Chris’ shot. Poor kid — spittle flew as he was shouted down. One of Hillary’s older defenders elbowed her way up to the sign (they’re not shy about using elbows, these Hillary supporters). She was a dead ringer for the woman on YouTube who referred to Barack Obama as an "inadequate black male." She told the underling she was not moving. For anyone. For any reason. He made a couple more feeble attempts to nudge them along, then gave up, outnumbered, outmatched, outspittled.

Outspittled! Go susbscribe to the RSS feed for the next few days (we did!). Their dispatches are going to be hilarious.

The Palladinos Blog Denver for EW