The Pindell Report Managing Editor James Pindell has launched The Pindell Report, ranks and analyzes all U.S. Senate races and governors races, the top 59 U.S. House races, and 19 presidential swing states – with updates the moment news breaks. The report heavily leans on the basis of two dozen reporters in fifteen key states where currently has locally devoted political news websites. In New Jersey, Pindell says the U.S. Senate race is Likely Democratic, as is the race for Republican Jim Saxton’s open House seat in District 3. Pindell says the contest to replace Republican Mike Ferguson in District 7 is Leans Democratic.

Longtime readers might recognize Pindell: he was the reporter for four years before moving on to cover presidential politics for the Boston Globe. Over the years, his coverage of national politics, specifically the 2004 New Hampshire primary, was often picked up by this website.

The Pindell Report