The Round-Up: Friday

Recording reveals firefighters’ struggles with Deutsche Bank blaze. [NY Times]

City Housing Authority delayed overhauls of elevators at 24 housing complexes—including the one in which 5-year-old Jacob Neuman fell to his death down an elevator shaft—due to budget constraints. [NY Times]

Distressed commercial real estate loans could drag Wall Street down further. [NY Times]

Lehman Brothers takes a beating. [NY Times]

While the city debates Bloomberg’s audicious clean-energy plan, a few local windmills quietly do their job. [NY Times]

Buying a second home to accompany your kid’s first degree. [NY Times]

Installing an outdoor stereo system the right way. [NY Times]

Brooklyn Navy Yard—the best office in the city? [NYDN]

Just weeks before the Deutsche Bank fire, FDNY approved the use of blowtorches in the site. [NY Post]

Cuomo reaches settlement with Wall Street banks in auction-rate securities investigation. [NY Post]

Approval process for construction projects at state hospitals may be streamlined. [NY Sun]

Bloomberg reaches tentative deal with NYPD for a 17 percent pay raise over four years. [NY Sun]

A more environmentally conscious clientele means more real-estate agents are giving tours on two wheels instead of four. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Friday