The Round-Up: Friday

Lehman Brothers prepares to shed 1,500 jobs. [NY Times]

As Freddie and Fannie limp toward a government bailout, employee assets crumble. [NY Times]

The pleasures and conveniences of a boat home. [NY Times]

West Wildwood—New Jersey’s secret beachfront community. [NY Times]

Dealing with uncivilized houseguests. [NY Times]

An abandoned car and a quiet death. [NY Times]

West Soho’s Renwick takes a laid-back, artsy approach to the sales pitch… and it’s working. [NYDN]

Willets Point negotiations resume at the urging of State Senator Malcolm Smith. [NYDN]

Local gas stations advertising one price and charging another. [NY Post]

New York apartment prices take a nose dive. [NY Sun]

Local residents file suit against NYPD to prevent the construction of a Chinatown command center. [NY Sun]

Plans for Bronx’s underground water plant move ahead despite community concerns and a ballooning budget. [NY Sun]

Subsidy program for commercial property costing NYC $512 million. [NY Sun]

Con Ed installs its first green roof. [NY Sun]

Living in a glass house isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Friday