The Round-Up: Thursday

With new tax abatements, green roofs hope to prosper in New York. [NY Times]

Santiago Calatrava’s over-budget WTC transit hub may face more major design changes. [NY Times]

A Bed-Stuy school prepares to deal with the city’s plan to cut the number of parking permits available to teachers. [NY Times]

The perilous life of window washers. [NY Times]

Trading down on square footage to trade down on expenses. [NYDN]

Bed-Stuy tennis courts sitting on prime real estate left to rot. [NYDN]

Paterson signs legislation allowing long-time owners of Jamaica Bay bungalows to own the land underneath. [NYDN]

The new breed of market-defying downtown luxury. [NY Post]

Gimmie Shelter: Heath Ledger’s Soho rental hits the market; Manchester United manager snags three-bedroom penthouse at Manhattan House; Russian-born developer building townhouse on the East 62nd Street site of Dr. Nicholas Bartha’s explosive suicide two years ago. [NY Post]

Medical professionals with “recession-proof” incomes are beating Wall Street at the luxury property game. [NY Sun]

Local universities plan $15 billion in expansions. [NY Sun]

Former real estate titan, Adam Hochfelder, facing charges of grand larceny and forgery. [NY Sun]

East Harlem rezoning is approved, paving the way for a City Council vote on a 1.7-million-square-foot complex. [NY Sun]

In a city with few concessions to the disabled, some buildings offer entrance ramps. [NY Sun]

Fannie Mae ditches three top executives. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Thursday