The Round-Up: Tuesday

Foreclosures hit HIV-positive renters espcially hard. [NY Times]

Broadway’s new pedestrian esplanade—pleasant lunchtime respite or “death trap?” [NY Times]

One thousand plus mourn the death of traffic cop and her infant son. [NY Times]

New Jersey company perfecting technology that would store compressed air produced by wind turbines. [NY Times]

Some cities using private investment and taxpayer dollars to refurbish foreclosed homes and save neighborhoods. [NY Times]

Take cash now in exchange for the value of your home’s appreciation later. [NYDN]

Bloomberg’s rezoning efforts push out warehouses for condos. [NYDN]

Settlement reached for victim of 2003’s Staten Island ferry crash. [NYDN]

Realty Check: Vacant lots scarring an otherwise thriving Midtown landscape. [NY Post]

Advocates leverage Summer Streets’ success to push for car-free Prospect Park. [NY Sun]

Midtown’s Hudson Hotel sued over asbestos poisoning. [NY Sun]

Homes sales rise significantly nationwide… [WSJ]

As do incidents of mortgage fraud. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Tuesday