The Round-Up: Wednesday

In a changing Harlem, soul food restaurants struggle. [NY Times]

Despite opposition from the Port Authority and members of Congress, the federal Transportation Department plans to auction runway slots at Newark Airport in September. [NY Times]

The new “Waterboard Thrill Ride” at Coney Island takes on Guantanamo Bay. [NY Times]

The Bronx building that is considered the birthplace of hip hop is opting out of the Mitchell Lama program. [NY Times]

At the farmers’ market, sellers debate the maze of producers only rules. [NY Times]

Delta is planning to introduce free Wi-Fi access on all its domestic flights next summer. [NY Times]

The waterfall installation under the Brooklyn Bridge is taking its toll on the landscaped gardens of the River Cafe. [NY Post]

Accounting and consulting firm BDO Seidman is becoming the anchor tenant at 100 Park Ave.; After two long years of negotiation, Basketball City says it is finally getting headquarters at Pier 36. [NY Post]

The MTA is launching an anti-groping campaign on the subways. [Crain’s]

Morgan Stanley told thousands of customers that they will not be able to withdraw money on their home equity credit lines. [Bloomberg]

Governor Paterson signed a bill giving homeowners an extra 90 days to avoid foreclosure. [NYDN]

Report: Commercial rental rates in Manhattan are plummeting. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Wednesday