The Round-Up: Wednesday

Five-year-old boy falls to his death down an elevator shaft in a South Williamsburg housing complex marred with recurring elevator problems. [NY Times]

Bloomberg proposes placing wind turbines on top of city skyscrapers and bridges in an effort to promote clean energy. [NY Times]

Paterson passes through $1 billion in budget cuts. [NY Times]

Landlord group files suit against city law meant to prevent tenant harassment. [NY Times]

Staten Island lawyer and former real estate lobbyist appointed to MTA board. [NY Times]

Two city councilman launch website to combat proposed MTA fare hike. [NYDN]

Between the Bricks: shuttered Limelight might soon host film and fashion shows; Jewish Daily Forward to move its offices from Midtown South to Financial District; former Giants tight end joins GVA Williams. [NY Post]

Bike racks designed by David Byrne to be installed city-wide. [NY Post]

Major housing developers may turn to Washington to avoid millions in fines for violating federal Fair Housing Act. [NY Sun]

Auction of takeoff and landing slots at New York airports to proceed despite opposition from Paterson and Corzine. [NY Sun]

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae on the verge of a government bailout. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Wednesday