The Round-Up: Wednesday

With the Riverton’s owners at risk of defaulting on their mortgage, fears rise over the future of other recently purchased, high-profile apartment complexes. [NY Times]

Two reports show home sales stabilizing nation-wide, while prices dropped in the largest year-to-year decline on record. [NY Times]

New York’s poverty rate declines, income inequality rises. [NY Times]

City drastically limits parking permits given to teachers to reflect available parking spaces. [NY Times]

Port Authority and FAA go to war over airport auction plan. [NY Times]

What $900,000 gets you. [NY Times]

Councilwoman brings more parkland to Williamsburg the old-fashioned way. [NYDN]

Between the Bricks: Starrett City pushed back its deadline for second-round bids on the massive Jamaica Bay housing complex; three UES apartment buildings sell together for $277.5 million. [NY Post]

A pair of hedge funds—owned by billionaires David Shaw and Steven Cohen—fight to take over Orient-Express Hotels, which counts New York’s 21 Club among its luxury properties. [NY Post]

Soho residents pledge to sue if Bloomberg pushes forward with a plan to build a 427,000-square-foot garbage truck garage by the Holland Tunnel. [NY Sun]

Bloomberg moves ever closer to reopening long-neglected High Bridge. [NY Sun]

Federal Housing Administration raises premiums charged to borrowers to insure mortgages. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Wednesday