The Week in DVR: ’90s Hotties, Key Largo, and Gritty, Newsreelish Algiers

Monday: 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90sOk, we know it’s a lowbrow suggestion, but over the weekend we caught an

Monday: 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s
Ok, we know it’s a lowbrow suggestion, but over the weekend we caught an hour of Vh1’s 100 Best Songs of the ’90s and remembered the pleasures of the countdown program, and the end of the millennium. Plaid shirts, Baywatch, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Marky Mark: they’ll all be here for you to gawk at and snicker over. Save this for a rainy day or a hangover; there’s no expiration date. [Vh1, 3:30 p.m.]

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Tuesday: The Battle of Algiers
If you’ve managed to avoid one of the many revivals of Gillo Pontecorvo’s Battle of Algiers at Film Forum, you owe it to yourself to catch it on television. The harsh, newsreelish, black-and-white depiction of the Algerian war of independence against France is absolutely engrossing, both for its story and its hyper-realistic style. The film has been praised for its even-handedness, and it does show the good and the bad of both sides of this bloody conflict. But don’t be surprised when you find yourself wanting to chant along with the children’s calls of ‘Ali La Pointe! Ali La Pointe!’ as they search for one of the most powerful (and beautiful) Algerian guerrilla leaders. [Ovation, 8 p.m.]

Wednesday: Key Largo
What would a week in DVR be without a little Turner Classic Movies? John Huston’s Key Largo, which takes place almost entirely in one once-glorious hotel in the Keys, is one of those feel-good crime movies where there’s plenty of action and quite a bit of cruelty, but not too much blood. Humphrey Bogart is perfect as the Hamlet-ish Frank McCloud, a former soldier visiting the father (Lionel Barrymore) and widow (Lauren Bacall) of a dead army buddy, who must decide whether to act with violence to save these acquaintances from a gangster (Edward G. Robinson) who has taken the hotel hostage. And Ms. Bacall will make you long for the days when actresses were, well, more like Lauren Bacall. [TCM, 9:30 pm]

Thursday: Manic
We haven’t actually seen Manic, but after watching a preview for Miracle at St. Anna, the new Spike Lee movie due this fall, and catching a few glimpses of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing some kind of detective, we need a little JGL fix. Manic looks like a sort of guys Girl, Interrupted: Mr. Gordon-Levitt plays a troubled teen in a mental institution, and it looks like he gets some help from Don Cheadle and a very young Zooey Deschanel. Ryan Gosling had a similar movie called The United States of Leland (which also, weirdly, starred Mr. Cheadle) and it wasn’t very good … we’ll admit, too, that our hopes aren’t superhigh for Manic. But as with Mr. Gosling, we’ll watch anything with Mr. Gordon-Levitt, who is just getting more and more awesome with each role. [IFC, 5:55 a.m.]

Friday: The Lake House
O.K., we’re making a plug for a movie on a pay channel you may well not have, but we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to recommend the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock quasi-weeper The Lake House. Maybe it’s that the time-space-gap thing reminds us of Doctor Who, but seriously: This story of would-be lovers who share a lake house (but in different dimensions!) is oddly moving, especially given that much of the action takes place during the acts of letter writing and reading, which is how the two communicate. If you don’t have Cinemax, don’t fret: The Lake House will surely show up on TBS before long. [WMax, 10 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: ’90s Hotties, Key Largo, and Gritty, Newsreelish Algiers