The Week in DVR: Christina Applegate Forgets She’s Bad; We Get Ready for a Spanking

Monday: The premise of Samantha Who — bad girl gets amnesia, forgets she’s bad, becomes good — might seem overly cute on first thought, but if you’re one for quirky stuff, this show is for you. And tonight, ABC is rebroadcasting the pilot, so you can get to know Samantha from the beginning. Christina Applegate stars, wearing perfect boing-boing curls as ‘good’ Samantha and an ironed out weave as her nasty counterpart. It’s to the actress’s credit that she can do both so well. Catch up before the Season Two premiere in October. (ABC, 9 p.m.)

Tuesday: It wouldn’t be hard to fill your DVR queue with dozens of films from Turner Classic Movies (we’ve been known to do just that, actually). But here’s just one pick for this week: Kiss Me, Stupid, Billy Wilder’s 1964 comedy starring Dean Martin and Kim Novak. Martin plays an exaggerated, bizarro version of himself, Kim Novak plays a prostitute; the film pissed off the Vatican for all the sex and adultery. Need we say more? (TCM, 12 noon)

Wednesday: Bones has been in reruns all summer, and has been practically the only thing to alleviate The Observer’s complete primetime boredom these last two months. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel play a crime-solving duo, sort of a muscle/brain team that also has great chemistry and appeal. Tonight, the two, together with their group of hot nerds at the Jeffersonian institute, work on id’ing a victim (via his bones, of course) who’d been burned beyond recognition. (FOX, 8 p.m.)

Thursday: David O. Russell’s feature debut, Spanking the Monkey, isn’t for everyone: it’s a comedy about incest after all. But, with Jeremy Davies back on the rise (his character on the last season of Lost was as freaky as the black smoke monster), it’s time to remember where he started. Alberta Watson plays the mother and Apatow darling Carla Gallow (Undeclared, Superbad) the teen nymphet who competes for Mr. Davies’ affection. (IFC, 10:30 p.m.)

Friday: If you’ve somehow neglected to see The Last Waltz up to now, here’s your shot. Martin Scorcese’s documentary of The Band’s last concert is filled with great music and cameos — a startlingly young Emmy Lou Harris, a frenetic Van Morrison — as well as interviews with band members. Robbie Robertson is especially compelling, as he comes off like a giant prick. Rick Danko looks and sings great throughout. Perfect for your Sunday afternoon hangover. (VH1 Classic, 11 p.m.)

The Week in DVR: Christina Applegate Forgets She’s Bad; We Get Ready for a Spanking