This Time, Alan Patricof Won’t Be There

DENVER—One simple way to measure the progress of unification between the Obama and Clinton camps is to keep track of how many of Clinton’s biggest donors are only coming for her Tuesday night speech or who are not coming at all.

In the latter category, place Alan Patricof, one of Clinton’s biggest bundlers and a co-chairman of her campaign’s finance committee. He is skipping his first convention since 1992.

Patricof, in a brief phone call today, warned against reading too much into his absence.

“It doesn’t mean anything at all,” said Patricof, who explained that he was spending time with his family and grandchildren in East Hampton this week. Patricof said he fully supported Obama, had donated to his campaign and to the D.N.C. But he said he felt that “people who had been involved for 18 months” raising money and laboring for Obama—that is, not he and his friends—deserved to be “at the center of attention.”

Patricof said that his family planned to watch Clinton’s prime time speech from home and was going to a friend’s watch-party on Thursday for Obama’s acceptance speech.

This Time, Alan Patricof Won’t Be There