Wednesday, August 13

Allow us to shock you, from our perch in the mainstream news media, with the news that John Edwards, a former presidential contender with ’70s-car salesman hair, may have impregnated a blond woman named Rielle and then blamed it on his friend. Way to go! And speaking of hapless, Cialis-popping politicians getting tangled in the webs of our fair-haired sister girlfriends, John McCain is winning no voters by including Paris Hilton in his advertising campaign, and … Wait, don’t we have some Olympic swimming to watch? If you must leave the house: the Fringe Festival is offering Lecture, With Cello, a one-person drama by playwright Robert Moulthrop, which Mr. Moulthrop himself described as “a realistic absurdist piece about a professor who does not have a cello giving a lecture that turns out to be about madness, truth, and love.” What fun! “It’s more like it’s one of those things that when you see it, you know what it’s about,” Mr. Moulthrop breathed down the phone. “It sounds pretentious, but it’s true. … New York is wonderful. People just say everything. It’s so wonderful to be a writer here!” Except not so much since all those morons started blogging!

[Lecture, With Cello, Milagro Theatre at CSV Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk Street, 5:45 p.m.,] Wednesday, August 13