Weekend in Review: Bloomberg’s New Deal, Moms on McCain Ad

Barack Obama said he may consider voting for a Senate bill that would lift the ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Republicans were quick to say he switched positions, but Frank James points out that John McCain switched positions on drilling, too.

“This strikes me as less of a shift and more as a gesture of sorts,” writes Marc Ambinder.

Obama is giving a speech on energy policy tomorrow.

Then he is spending quite a bit of time in Indiana, for mysterious reasons.

Spin Cycle wants McCain to answer to comments he made in 2001 that linked the anthrax attacks–committed by a government scientist–to Iraq.

In a Daily News op-ed, Michael Bloomberg called for a new New Deal to build the country’s infrastructure (and bragged about the city’s thrift).

Speaking of infrastructure, the city is about to have to pay for cleanup in Ulster County because the aqueduct leaks millions of gallons and now homes are flooded, although officials are positive there’s no relation.

Also, in an interview with the New York Post, the head of the subway said of the system, “There’s not anything out there that anybody is very proud of.”

And, a pro-nuclear power blogger says that the recent safety study on Indian Point “isn’t a home run.” 

The Senate endorsed the Great Lakes Compact, which is aimed at preventing the sale of the water, and mandating some conservation efforts.

Gotham Gazette reports that “only 23 out of 65 Assembly seats and 11 of 35 State Senate seats in New York City are set to have a primary on Sept 9. ”

That whole state fiscal crisis is only sort of a crisis, reports The New York Times in an article that notes four governors have invoked the Great Depression in the last 40 years.

Officials are weighing whether to privatize the Utica-area airport.

David Paterson went to the Hamptons and announced that he’s a little bit Jewish.

The Democrat & Chronicle is critical of the example the governor has set with spending.

The New York Times‘ editorial board makes a plea to Starbucks to keep its Newark outlet open.

The Newtown Creek Alliance used a new program to make a map of all the brownfield sites and places needing cleanup around the waterway.

Neither Paris Hilton’s mom nor McCain’s mom is defending McCain’s “Celeb” ad, but Joe Lieberman is.

A Wall Street Journal op-ed question whether liberals who see racial tones in “Celeb” are paranoid.

Bob Herbert thinks they are not.

Obama backed off McCain’s idea to have joint town hall meetings, instead agreeing to the standard three debates.

Anne Kornblut reports how secretive the Obama campaign is.

Representative Eric Cantor, a Jewish conservative, is reportedly being vetted by the McCain campaign.

Obama asked the D.N.C. to seat Florida and Michigan delegates at the convention, which makes the months he and Hillary Clinton spent fighting about it seem sort of silly.


Weekend in Review: Bloomberg’s New Deal, Moms on McCain Ad