Weinberg on Ferriero

The search warrant executed on Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero’s law office comes just days before Ferriero, a Clinton delegate, was set to travel to Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

Ferriero could not be reached for comment to say whether his plans have changed regarding today’s events.

Ferriero’s long-time political foe, State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), said that she won’t take a position on whether or not Ferriero should go.

“I think that’s his decision. I think this whole thing does cast a dark cloud over Bergen County political activities, but he is not an elected official, he hasn’t been elected to govern, and I hope whatever’s coming out of this happens quickly so that it’s over,” she said. “The timing is not great given the upcoming election. So I would hope that it moves quickly and he has a chance to clear his name.” Weinberg on Ferriero